Meet our real-time natural hazard risk exposure analysis platform. With nothing more than an address you can take your first steps in the journey of managing climate risk.

The platform covers the entire planet and includes data on every major natural hazard. Our unique exposure scoring approach also allows you to compare exposure from different hazards side by side.

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Our solutions in detail

  • Real time, online, worldwide, multi-hazard risk analytics

    Our fully automated online platform can provide you with an instantaneous first order of magnitude assessment of your natural hazard risk in any location on earth. Including 11 of the most damaging natural hazards it is the perfect solution for organisations looking to profile their natural hazard risk across a large portfolio of assets, or do rapid due diligence on new sites.

  • High resolution climate & hazard modelling

    Where you know your assets are exposed to excessive risk, our expert modelling team can support you in delivering high resolution geospatial and loss calculation models for current and future climate scenarios. Our technology can factor in your own data, and we can source and integrate additional information from almost anywhere else on earth.

  • Climate risk consulting services

    For many organisations, knowing where to start with respect to natural hazard risk can be a daunting challenge. For others the climb becomes steeper as risk hotspots are identified and questions are asked about mitigation. Our consulting team are available to provide you with as much, or little support as you need to get the outcomes you are looking for.

  • Sector specific software solutions

    We have a variety of digital platforms that serve specific needs in specific sectors. Our solutions cover needs as varied as using real time wind data to forecast wave heights so that port operators can keep ships in harbour safe to offshore consent management systems for the renewable energy industry.

  • High resolution hazard data

    Ambiental Risk Analytics, part of our portfolio of digital resilience solutions, has been providing high resolution advanced flood modelling solutions to insurers and banks across Europe for almost a decade. Their property level modelling technology is used around the globe to minimise uncertainty in insurance pricing and the underlying data can be served through a variety of means.

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We offer a true multi-hazard risk overview by combining advanced processing of data for all natural, physical related perils, our specialisms in the field of flood and climate risk analysis and our 140 years of engineering expertise. 


How we help our clients

Our suite of services brings together the 140 years of real-world resilience engineering with cutting edge digital insights to support organisations around the world in a variety of ways

  • Satisfy Regulators who are putting increasing pressure on climate risk disclosures
  • Secure Supply Chains that are at increasing risk of disruption from natural hazards
  • Engage Shareholders who expect sound environmental governance and prioritise climate risk awareness
  • Find & Keep Customers who are increasingly aligning themselves with companies who have sound climate governance
  • Inform Insurers who are actively investigating climate risk across global asset portfolios
  • Protect Your People & Assets from natural events that are increasing in severity and frequency

Resilience in cities


140 Years of resilience experience in your hands

Royal HaskoningDHV has been helping companies, non profit organisations, and national & regional governments in every corner of the globe address some of the world’s most pressing resilience challenges for over 140 years. Every ounce of our experience has been poured into the design and data that sits behind our digital solutions to ensure our clients get the very best service and – ultimately – the best outcomes too.