Gain complete visibility into waterways

By 2050, most of the world’s population will live downstream from large and aging dams – which makes dam safety a growing concern. 

Traditionally, insight into risk and operational performance has come from siloed software, which doesn’t take a holistic approach to understanding complete river systems. The result is limited visibility into what’s really happening, and reducing the opportunity for improved benefit sharing upstream and downstream.  

However, as pressures on dam managers increase, new technologies are offering a lifeline – providing comprehensive, real-time risk data that can enhance decision making and improve operational resilience. 

At Royal HaskoningDHV, our water specialists use these technologies to keep organisations across the globe informed of the latest insights, and provide complete visibility into risk and performance. 

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To provide you with a better understanding of the risk profile in your region, we’re sharing a global overview of the world’s dam network, along with climate change projections for the next 20 years – so you can see what the future holds.

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To provide you with complete visibility into reservoirs and dams risk profile in your region, we have created a global overview of the world’s dam network, along with climate change projections for the next 20 years.

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Operational optimisation

Gain actionable insight on your dam operations. Our software offers AI-powered analysis and autopilot for forward thinking industries. Improve operations within existing networks, assets and systems. Combined with our capabilities in hydrological modelling, you are in real-time control. 

Multi-hazard risk assessment 

Predict and understand the hazards that can impact your dams and reservoirs. Resilience starts with a good understanding of the natural hazards your business is exposed to – now and in the future. Our software, founded on a multi-hazard database, enables you to do a risk assessment in minutes instead of weeks.   

Dam safety

Track and proactively respond to infrastructure degradation. Our software offers asset monitoring with high resoltution satellite data integration. Reduce monitoring and maintenance costs with real-time visibility across your asset base.  



Dam Multi-Hazard Exposure

Understand the vulnerability level of multi-purpose and tailing dams to reduce the risk from dam related hazards. Request your country specific risk projections.