Project facts

  • Client
  • Location
  • Period
  • Challenge
    Developing more insight-driven and customer-centric ways of working.
  • Solution
    A business transformation plan and roadmap for change
  • Marc Beijen, Marco Groenestein


The customer comes first

One of Univé’s regional departments, Univé South Netherlands, has big ambitions. Its goal is to become a truly insight-driven, customer-centric organisation – the kind that can provide personalised products and services tailored to customer desires. But several things had to change for this to happen.

To deliver the experiences that can really set it apart, the company needed to transform its customer experience, commercial growth, attitude & behavior and business intelligence capabilities. With our help, Univé was able to implement a transformation plan to kick-start these changes.


A collaborative approach to change

Working with Univé’s C-Suite, we were able to quickly define a business strategy, implement a set of guiding principles and create a Business Transformation Plan for the company’s change initiatives. 

This involved comparing the Univé’s desired end-goal with its current state of being, and identifying all the requirements, opportunities, ongoing initiatives and potential bottlenecks that should be considered along the way.

We also helped the company to set up an internal change organisation responsible for overseeing this transformation from beginning to end. 


A clear path to change

This Business Transformation Plan we implemented now acts a robust change roadmap for Univé South Netherlands’ management teams.

All activities are identified and plotted, and there is clear visibility of the resources required to implement the desired changes. Among the changes already implemented are a new CRM solution and segmentation capabilities that categorise Univé’s customers based on their value. Financial management information has also been elevated and improved. 

With this new functionality in place, alongside a plan for future change, Univé is well on the way to becoming the insight-driven, customer-centric organisation it strives to be.