Digital twins: where physical meets digital

Our world is changing, quickly. Rapid innovation and widescale digital transformation are producing new challenges for organisations in every sector. But along with these challenges come new opportunities.

Digital twins have the potential to radically transform the way we think and operate as a society—providing the insight and agility needed to turn reactive decision-making into proactive problem-solving.

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Realising industry 4.0’s full potential

Industry 4.0 has revolutionised the manufacturing sector – but its full potential is still yet to be realised. The journey to automation and data exchange is a complex one, and must involve all stakeholders if it is to deliver greater customer value and operational efficiency.

The solution is to commission a digital twin and use technology to develop a digital roadmap. A digital twin enables your organisation to deeply understand its data, processes and resources, so your teams can validate, test and optimise asset performance – and ultimately, unlock the full value of industry 4.0.

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National Digital Twin Bits & Pieces whitepaper

As a society, we are rapidly reaching the point where the world’s resources can no longer meet our needs. Challenging and changing conditions are making it increasingly difficult to meet the space, food, energy and materials demands of an exponentially growing population.

To reverse this situation, we need to embrace digital twin technology – not just individually, but collectively. Now, we must work to build collaborative digital infrastructures and adopt a holistic approach to digitisation that transcends both industries and international borders – preparing us all to better meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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