What are digital twins? 

Driven by relevant data, a digital twin is a virtual mirror of a real-world asset, process or even an entire system, like a supply chain or city. This mirror provides insight into how that asset behaves under a variety of simulated conditions, helping you to improve decision-making and optimise business processes.

As part of the ongoing digitalisation of physical environments, organisations, institutions and societies will gradually build ecosystems of digital twins representing their assets, processes and systems. These ecosystems will help improve efficiency, lower costs, and allow us to develop more informed solutions to today’s big societal and environmental challenges.

Digital Twinning is real. It is happening now and will continue to grow with an estimated market worth of $26 US billion by 2025.

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    Seeing is believing: the rise of digital twins

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    Successfully implementing your digital twin

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Digital twins: beyond the hype

A successful digital twin relies on smart technology and an in-depth knowledge of physical assets—but it also requires leadership, credibility and vision.

At Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we connect our rich heritage of engineering with the latest technological capabilities to co-create digital twins with our partners.

These solutions help them to overcome challenges, identify new opportunities, and make informed decisions more quickly. But they also help to contribute to a better and more sustainable society, tackling issues like urbanisation, environmental sustainability, and the pressing need for clean water and improved sanitation.

Learn more about our digital twin consultancy services and solutions.

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