We predicted that by 2022, over two-thirds of companies that have implemented IoT will have deployed at least one digital twin. We might actually reach that number within a year.



The convergence of the physical and digital is transforming the world around us. Digital twins offer a way to take advantage, using the latest digital technology along with data from assets and processes to improve decision-making, enhance performance and optimise efficiencies.


Rapid urbanisation is making resources and energy scarce. Digital twins can provide valuable insights into the impacts and efficiencies of our society, helping us to operate more effectively and sustainably and create smarter urban environments capable of supporting future generations.

Climate change

Climate change concerns regularly lead to new regulations and business restrictions. With digital twins, real-time insights can help you identify the best uses of resources, manage environmental risks, and operate in a more sustainable and efficient way—driving true business value while helping to preserve the future of our planet.

Resource depletion

As a society, we are rapidly reaching the point where the world’s resources can no longer meet our needs. Digital twins can help us meet the space, food, energy and materials demands of an exponentially growing population—but only when embraced collectively, as part of national digital twin initiatives.

The pace of change

Today, business success is defined by the ability to keep up with the pace of change. With digital twins you can go from responding to change to driving change, turning insight into foresight, accelerating decision-making and transforming processes, industries or even entire ecosystems at breakneck speed.

Increased competition

In competitive industries even the slightest improvements can make a big difference. With digital twins, predictive simulation and AI, you can take advantage of dynamic, self-learning systems that drive continuous performance improvements—creating sustainable business value and brighter business futures.

Humanising technology

As communication increasingly relies on digital connectivity, society risks losing the nuance of human connection. Digital twins can help find the right balance between humanisation and digitalisation, ensuring that technology empowers engagement and cocreation, without replacing the human element.

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