There is no doubt that diversity absolutely strengthens our business, but it’s inclusion that really makes the difference; having that feeling of belonging, acceptance and being valued.

Sarah Budd, Managing Director Australia

Having a female boss at the helm helps younger generations envision themselves there too! Be a role model or have one.

Fieke Tissink, Architect, the Netherlands

Compared to when I began my career, I now see more focus on the important issue of diversity in our teams…we’re not there yet, but I feel we’re on the right path.

Matt Greaves, Maritime & Aviation Strategy Assistant, United Kingdom

Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on.

Ta My Lan, Project Assistant, Vietnam

Diversity is not a goal but a way to reach our goals.

René Teeuwen, Associate Director Multinationals, the Netherlands

We strive to enhance society together and, through diversity, should represent the many viewpoints of the societies for and with whom we work.

Annie Blissit, Account Manager Nereda, the Netherlands

Many colleagues have shared their views on equality and here we are sharing a small selection.

Following International Women’s Day we will continue a meaningful conversation about it in team meetings. On an ongoing basis, we are encouraging a mindset among our leaders that a diverse team makes an important contribution to the successful delivery of business ambitions and ensuring representation of female colleagues is as equal as possible at every level.

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