The age of the knowledge worker

In view of these developments, it is talented knowledge workers who make the greatest difference. An inspiring and healthy working environment significantly improves these workers' productivity. For example, absences through illness are determined partly by physiological and psychological environmental factors. The better the match between the working environment and the needs and requirements of your knowledge workers, the greater their contribution to your primary processes. Offices with an attractive working climate not only offer higher production values, but also command higher property values.

Future-proof strategy

Real-estate concepts are changing fast, due to factors including (but not limited to) increased competition, the rise of time- and place-independent work, sustainability requirements, changes in mobility and labour potential, and countless innovations. New technologies make it possible to deploy buildings and building installations more flexibly, sustainably and cost-effectively. The trick is to make future-proof choices. This applies to both new property yet to be developed and existing buildings.

Creating long-term value

Sustained market value arises if your office building can combine high end-user experience ratings with adaptive capacity and sustainability. Royal HaskoningDHV globally helps realising offices that are inspiring, healthy, flexible, sustainable and profitable. This calls for a non-traditional approach to real estate, in which stakeholders and chain partners are linked up at an early stage and the lifecycle of buildings and installations is included in the calculations, which creates long-term value for user, owner and society alike.

High-quality choices

Future-proof premises give you a major competitive advantage. Royal HaskoningDHV can help you make the right strategic decisions and implement these decisions properly, regardless of whether you exploit one building or an entire portfolio of buildings. After all, every real-estate decision leaves a deep mark. For example, a simple decision on lighting design can have a profound effect on labour productivity once the building is actually in use. We provide full transparency regarding your opportunities, risks and costs at every stage in the life of your property, paying special attention to the effects on end-users during the entire life-cycle of buildings and technology.

Decision intelligence

Through the right kind of intelligence, we enable you to effectively steer the price-performance ratio of your properties. Royal HaskoningDHV has broad expertise, international experience and an advanced set of instruments. As a strategic partner with implementing power, we combine in-depth technological know-how with innovative process methodologies, from an effective stakeholder approach (Virtual Design & Construct) in design processes to a circular management approach (Asset Management) for your entire property portfolio. All of which generates major benefits for you in terms of time, quality, performance and yields.

As an independent expert on the interface between organisations, corporate buildings and real estate, Royal HaskoningDHV can offer you strategic, tactical and operational support in optimising your premises. For more information see our Workplace Strategies & Solutions page.

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