The projects we have performed for our clients, all contribute to these ambitions. We are mainly working on projects in the aluminium and steel industry.  Good examples of these projects are:
  • Creation of a fume treatment plant to reduce emissions
  • The construction of a new carbon bake furnace to increase the production scale which reduces the price per product
  • Optimising site logistics to enable the handling of different sized products and to reduce cost and energy use
  • The automation of formerly manually operated processes to contribute to cost reduction and an improvement of the labour conditions
  • Large scale renovation and maintenance projects for cranes, cranetracks, old installations and all types of production equipment
  • By adequate planning during these projects we aim to reduce the shutdown times for the production departments to a minimum.

For these projects we deliver design and engineering services for all technical disciplines, project management, contract management, HSE management and construction management and supervision.

We are also trained as independent facilitators to rate industrial projects (PDRI). Including Risk analysis and GAP Analysis.

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