Naval bases and defence facilities need to be cost effective through specialist planning, expert design and high quality construction. Taking advantage of the best technical expertise available ensures that a project delivers its objectives and remains fit-for-purpose in the long-term.

Our multi-disciplinary teams have worked with clients to achieve solutions for diverse projects as shown below, including designing safety standards for the storage of explosives, and creating methods for safeguarding the security of information.

Our expertise extends to onshore defence projects, having worked with military organisations around the world to design and deliver their facilities including hardened shelters, aircraft service facilities and an armoured rebuild facility.

Of course, there is a vast array of support facilities associated with most defence complexes. Our expertise extends to living quarters, training schools, and medical facilities. The vital importance of safety and security requirements are also well understood by our specialist teams and these aspects are treated as integral elements of all our solutions right from the start of each project.

For more information about how our team might be able to assist you with your next project contact Nick MacDonald-Robinson.

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