Working in partnership with you from the outset, we deliver reliable, durable and cost effective solutions to meet both your current and future needs with minimum maintenance demands. Whether that consists of site selection for your project, or the design of the pipeline itself. Projects undertaken have included the following work:
  • Subsea water supply pipelines
  • Waste water treatment works outfalls
  • Intakes and outfalls for power stations, desalination plants and industrial cooling water systems
  • Oil and gas landfall pipelines
  • Cable landfalls
Our team can assist through the full project lifecycle:
  • Project inception and planning
  • Investigations and surveys
  • Numerical modelling and outline design
  • Environmental assessment and the consenting process
  • Detailed design
  • Construction supervision and PMC
  • Engineering Diving Services
  • Condition assessment and maintenance
  • Expert witness
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for intakes and outfalls to meet UK and International legislation.
  • Numerical hydrodynamic modelling with internationally recognised software MIKE 2D/3D and Delft3D

Marine pipelines

We have delivered many global projects that span the complete range of pipeline materials (for example, steel, HDPE, GRP and concrete) in diameters ranging from 150 millimetres to four metres for oil and gas, water and sewage. Our staff have practical experience of the construction methods relating to a wide variety of installations.

Transport system hydraulics

We use dedicated software tools to analyse and design pipeline systems, for both steady state and unsteady conditions. With our specialist knowledge within the field of hydraulics, we provide a broad range of services from functional design to detailed engineering, covering;
  • Sizing offshore intake structures
  • Sizing pipelines to the pumping station
  • Pump submergence
  • Pump approach flow acceptance criteria
  • Operational pump control design
  • Anti-surge measures
  • Flow distribution of outfall diffusers

Coastal engineering

Our team has unparalleled knowledge of coastal processes and engineering in the marine environment.   Using numerical modelling techniques and proven modelling systems, our teams can assist in investigation of problems related to dilution, dispersion, thermal recirculation and sedimentation.