Realise value at every stage of the water cycle

  • Achieve circularity
  • Reclaim resources
  • Be efficient
  • Improve quality

Combining ground-breaking water treatment technology with digital tools and 140 years of water engineering experience. Enabling companies to optimize all assets and processes, and to implement sustainable strategies with solutions that are future-proof. 

Key challenges of UK water industry

Water companies need to be putting in place robust strategies to meet the Net Zero 2030 goals, while preparing for AMP8. Keeping in mind the stringent phosphorus consents which have been introduced by Ofwat as part of WINEP. To accomplish these goals, we help water companies worldwide overcome important challenges such as carbon emissions, resource recovery and climate change.

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    Zero Carbon

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    Water Circularity

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    AMP8 – Facing up to future challenges

We develop, design and implement smart, tailored technological solutions for water treatment and improving water quality with a strong drive for circularity. We provide new technologies and nature-based solutions that enable water companies to monitor risks in real time and run predictive analysis, improving business continuity, lowering unplanned costs, and help identify new opportunities.

Our sector-leading experts will address any knowledge gaps that you may be facing, support planning and implementation, improve existing operations, fast track processes, and deliver innovations for your utility.