We have a range of technologies and software that can contribute towards your net zero strategy:

  • Ephyra 

    Ephyra is considered the most cost-effective digestion technology. It has significantly more sludge degradation, higher biogas yields, better final dewatering, and low chemical usage – all with the smallest carbon footprint.

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  • Nereda® technology

    Nereda is an award-winning wastewater treatment technology using aerobic granular biomass. It reduces chemical use, requires less energy, and cuts your carbon footprint.

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  • Aquasuite MINE

    Aquasuite MINE optimises sludge logistics and improves dewatering results to reduce environmental impact and costs.

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You don’t need to achieve net zero alone; we’ll provide insight and support from strategy to implementation. We deliver innovative technological solutions, digital support, and expert consultancy, to give you practical ways to achieve your goals and enhance society for the future.