Modern, cost-effective, sustainable and proven for any scale and treatment objective

Compared to activated sludge technologies, the biological treatment power of Nereda is much larger. It saves up to 50% on energy costs whilst delivering 'high quality' effluent at low costs, and requires only a quarter of the land area of conventional activated sludge installations.

Moreover, the technology unlocks recovery of precious resources like water, phosphate and Kaumera® biopolymers, and can be retrofitted into existing infrastructure to boost treatment capacity or purification level.

Development of the Nereda technology shows how close public-private innovation partnership can result in a whole new era of wastewater treatment, with big advantages for people, planet and societies all around the world.

  • over 90
    Nereda plants worldwide
  • 20
    countries with Nereda plants
  • 158,152,813
    kWh electricity saved


  • Excellent effluent quality

    Nereda technology delivers an excellent effluent quality, including extensive biological phosphorous and nitrate removal.

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  • Cost Effective

    Compared to conventional wastewater treatment technologies, Nereda technology has a significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX.     

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  • Small physical footprint

    Nereda technology combines its biological treatment process in just one reactor and is up to 30 times faster. This is the reason that it has a small physical footprint, taking up to 75% less space than traditional plants. 

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  • Sustainable

    With its significantly lower energy consumption and minimal use of chemicals, Nereda technology can be considered one of the most sustainable wastewater treatment technologies.

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  • Easy to operate

    Compared to conventional technology, there is much less mechanical equipment to operate and maintain, which makes it much easier to operate.  Moreover, the operator benefits from automation by the Aquasuite Nereda controller, which enables continuous optimisation of the plant’s performance.  

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