Nereda design capacity

  • 100000 m3/day
    Dry weather flow
  • 100000 m3/day
    Peak flow
  • 383,333
    PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)
  • Client
    Drainage Services Department (DSD)
  • Location
    Yuen Long, Hong Kong
  • Licensee
  • Wastewater
    Municipal and Industrial 
  • Project type
    New build 
About Yuen Long Nereda WWTP – Hong Kong
Yuen Long is a town in the western New Territories, Hong Kong.

The challenge

The availability of land is at a huge premium in Hong Kong. A small site footprint and high efficiency are essential components of any wastewater project on the densely-populated 1,104 square kilometre island. The client, Drainage Services Department (DSD) identified a requirement to relocate its Shatin Sewage Treatment Works (STW) into artificial caverns in a nearby mountain and free up premium land for redevelopment. However, it needed a wastewater treatment technology that could efficiently treat the particular Hong Kong wastewater characteristics, which originate from its unique seawater toilet flushing.

The solution

Nereda technology was identified and assessed as one of the most promising technologies. Subsequently, Nereda technology and two other compact technologies were included in a multiyear side-by-side pilot trial at Shatin STW. The pilot results validated Nereda technology was suitable to treat Hong Kong wastewater and meet the more advanced treatment requirements that are applicable for effluent polishing plants. 

The Nereda plant is part of a wider project to redevelop the existing Yuen Long Sewage Treatment Plant into a 100,000 m3/day Effluent Polishing Plant, with a further 80,000 m3/day expansion planned for the future. In addition to the adoption of advanced wastewater treatment technologies, the project includes renewable energy capacity and incorporates extensive greening features and provides public co-use facilities for the benefit of the local community. 

The outcome
The public procurement of the iconic YLEPP project showed that the Nereda technology was the clear technology of choice for DSD, not just for the favourable construction costs, but also with regards to its significantly lower life cycle costs and higher sustainability level.

Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant is a good example of how forward-thinking utility governors and their consultants are recognising technologies that contribute to more cost-effective and sustainable wastewater treatment for smart megacities. The selection of Nereda technology, over comparative wastewater technologies, under vigorous evaluation criteria, demonstrates how effective, cost-efficient and sustainable the Nereda process is, in comparison with conventional systems. 

The Nereda plant at Yuen Long will contribute to more affordable and more sustainable treatment for urban societies, which is good news for the region too. 

Local benefits of the project

  • Small footprint

  • High-quality effluent

  • Renewable energy

  • Environmental benefits

  • Sustainable wastewater treatment