Nereda design capacity

  • 4600 m3/d
    Dry Weather Flow
  • 360 m3/h 
    Peak Flow
  • 15000 PE
    PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)

The challenge

The Muskiz wastewater treatment plant is one of the oldest in the Basque Country, operational since 1998. The end-user, Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia, required an expansion and renovation of the plant to be able to treat a larger capacity, especially during heavy rainfall, and increase the quality of the effluent water.

The solution

Through our licensee partner ACCIONA AGUA, Nereda technology was chosen as the best match. One of the reasons for choosing Nereda was due to the 24/7 virtual operator, which allows the plant to be operational at all times. A second important reason was the limited space available for the expansion of the plant, as a Nereda plant takes up to 75% space less compared to other technologies. This is the first WWTP in Spain to use sustainable Nereda technology.

The outcome

The new Muskiz plant will treat the wastewater of 15,350 p.e. and is scheduled to be operational in 2023.


  • Improved treatment capacity

  • Meets industry standards

  • 24-7 virtual operator

  • Environmental benefits

  • Small plant footprint