Nereda design capacity

  • 6525 m3/d
    Dry Weather Flow
  • 1088 m3/h
    Peak Flow
  • 28100 PE
    PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)

Project facts

  • Client
    Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg
  • Location
    Panheel, The Netherlands
  • Period
  • Wastewater
  • Project type

The challenge

In order to comply with the much more stringent regulations for effluent water quality (KRW) in 2021, the old WWTP at Panheel from 1984 had to be replaced. The Water Authority of Limburg (WBL) selected Nereda as its technology of choice, in accordance with its own Verdygo® concept.

Since its WWTP at Stein was about the same size as Panheel, it was decided to design and build two new plants at the same time. For both plants an identical 40.000 p.e. Verdygo Module was developed in cooperation with Mobilis, Engie and Eliquo.

The solution

The Verdygo concept is a sustainable approach with a modular construction technique. By using modules built above ground, components can be added or removed, making it a flexible construction for future changes.

Nereda technology was selected as the technology of choice for Verdygo. After successful implementation at Simpelveld in 2015 and Weert in 2019, Panheel and Stein are the third and fourth Nereda plants in Limburg.

Because of the small footprint of Nereda technology, the client has been able to build the new plant next to the existing plant, on the existing plot of land. 

The outcome

The WWTP in Panheel treats the wastewater of 38,500 people and lives up to the new strict effluent requirements.


  • Small footprint

  • Enhanced capacity

  • Flexible Verdygo® construction

  • High effluent quality

  • Low energy requirements