Festo SE & Co, based in Esslingen, Germany has successfully completed the Nereda Equipment Certification, as verified by Royal HaskoningDHV. Awarded in November 2020, the certification covers compressed air generation units, compressed air distribution systems and pneumatic control cabinets. The certificate indicates that Festo’s equipment meets the exacting standards required to be part of Nereda technology and is certified as part of the ‘Nereda’ brand. 

The solutions Festo bring to the process involve valve automation, which is a vital part of the treatment process. Faster, safer operation for large-sized valves can be achieved with pneumatic automation. Festo’s components are easy and accessible technology. Its valve terminal technology allows for additional digitalisation and predictive reliability indicators. As Nereda technology is constantly developing and improving treatment capacity and efficiency, being able to encompass future innovations is essential for any Nereda supply partners. 

The solutions are certified for use with Nereda equipment, following testing and process proving at Utrecht WWTP in the Netherlands. Festo’s Nereda references include Dinxperlo, Gamerwolde, Simpelveld, Utrecht and Vroomshoop. While each project is different and different components suit differing circumstances, Royal HaskoningDHV has identified that Festo’s pneumatic systems have several advantages over its competitors. Its pneumatic actuated valves are often more cost-effective on CAPEX, when used in larger quantities over a small footprint, as in Nereda plants. They have low operational cost for maintenance, or component replacement, which results in a competitive TOTEX and the reliability of pneumatic automation is less sensitive to power failure and warmer conditions.
The aim of this alliance is to improve the reliability of our process and the efficiency of our technology at every level. Valve automation has a direct impact on the performance and reliability of the Nereda treatment process and we are sure Festo has the industry track record to deliver quality and efficiency as part of our treatment plants.

René Noppeney

Global Director at Nereda, Mission Analysis Engineering Team Leader, Washington River Protection Solutions

Royal HaskoningDHV's award-winning Nereda wastewater treatment solution is already being applied on six continents for municipal and industrial water. With over 85 Nereda projects completed or being delivered across the world, Nereda technology purifies wastewater cost-effectively, using patented granular sludge technology.