This partnership brings many advantages to Royal HaskoningDHV’s current Nereda wastewater treatment technology offering. Biological treatment is notoriously energy intensive. Nereda technology can already achieve a 50% reduction of energy required compared to conventional systems. However, RMU can improve the efficiency of the aeration system, further reducing the energy required. 

Further energy reduction

As the industry seeks more sustainable treatment, combining the advantages of RMU with existing partner Aerzen, will provide an even more efficient aeration system, providing even better performance for the end customer. Other advantages of RMU include the ability for more competitive blower sizing, optimised installation, and optimisation of costs over a lifetime. The MESSNER® Aeration Panel has a compact design ideal for use on Nereda plants. 
By joining forces, we hope to achieve even greater things. While individually Nereda, Aerzen and RMU all offer high efficiencies, together they will further improve the capabilities and treatment effectiveness of the Nereda aeration systems – to create a totally efficient solution to water treatment.

Martin Gräsl

Chief Executive Officer at RMU

“Each preferred supplier that joins the Nereda community has been selected to add specific benefits that will help us to enhance society together. The partnership between RMU, Aerzen and Nereda is particularly exciting as it will enable us to offer our clients sustainable, optimised treatment and improved energy usage.”
René Noppeney, Director at Nereda

Royal HaskoningDHV's award-winning Nereda wastewater treatment solution is already being applied on six continents for municipal and industrial water. With over 86 Nereda projects awarded and completed or being delivered across the world, Nereda technology is a great example of sustainable wastewater treatment, providing industry leading standards of treated water with compact, lower power usage and little or no additional chemical use, using patented granular sludge technology.