Sharing knowledge for sustainable water management

“Every region, utility, and management authority has a different level of maturity on the path to a digital water future, but we can all learn from one another. It begins with sharing data, knowledge, and experiences to understand what is possible, followed by adopting a progressive, systematic approach to digital transformation.”

The goal of the Digital Water Programme is to act as a catalyst for innovation, knowledge, and best practices in the water industry around digitalisation. With a focus on resilience and preparedness for any future challenge, it highlights successful digital water initiatives as well as the business side of digital transformation to help guide water utilities.

 “We have a choice: resist the rise of digital solutions and struggle to adapt to water challenges (and global changes), or fully embrace the digital revolution and collaborate with innovators to unlock a new era of water abundance and build a stronger and more economically viable foundation for the future,” says de Carvalho.

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