Understanding the subsoil 
It is very important to understand the subsoil. The conditions of the subsoil can drastically influence a design. Understanding the subsoil is crucial to be able to answer geotechnical challenges. Insight in the subsurface, through a ground model, can prevent hiccups during construction, and it can detect risks. Besides, it can optimise the project and create a sustainable, future proof design.

Fast, intuitive and visual
The main method to get a better understanding of the subsoil are Cone Penetration Tests (CPT). They can be executed in large numbers for big projects when soil conditions might vary. The data, gathered with the tests, needs to be interpreted by a geotechnical engineer to deeply understand the subsoil in order to design the foundation.

Wieske Oomen, Geotechnical Engineer & Product Manager: “Our digital solution converts the CPT format, into a format that is compatible with the OpenGround platform. It is a web-based application to import, visualise, interpret and export CPT data in a fast, intuitive, and visual way.” 

Connecting with 140-year domain
Technical & Innovations Director Carlita Vis adds: “Crucial is our functionality that enables engineers to interpret the CPT visually building upon our 140 years domain knowledge. Connecting our digital solution with OpenGround improves the quality of the interpretation and saves time and with that money. It will lead to a more sustainable and future proof design for all the projects we do.”

Digitalising our project delivery
Jugal Makwana, Global Director BIM/Digital Engineering: “We are proud to be nominated for the 2021 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure. Going digital with OpenGround is one of the foundational steps in our journey towards digitalising our project delivery, advancing our ambition of data-driven working and increasing value for our clients and communities all over the world.”