We are so proud to see that our efforts, programmes and initiatives are being recognised externally as being impactful. The selection process used in our Future Leaders programme has been listed as a best practice in the G20 Empower playbook 2021, a document that captures ways in which countries around the world are empowering women to lead the “new normal” landscape.  Along with many other companies across the private sector, we have joined forces to ensure that we collaborate towards the common goal of advancing women into leadership positions, nurturing role models and growing a healthy female pipeline for the future.”
Growing female talent in your business benefits everyone. The diversity of thought and experiences that women bring to the table is necessary for businesses to thrive and to ensure we reflect the world we serve. We need great role models for future generations of women to help them see who they could be in the future and realise the potential impact of their contributions!

Meike Salvado-de Reede

Corporate HR Director