The strategic partnership benefits Royal HaskoningDHV’s clients in the built environment and focusses on Generative Design, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Digital Twins. The new 3-year agreement builds on the partnership started in 2015.

With the renewed agreement in place, Royal HaskoningDHV will be participating in this year’s Autodesk University London conference on 18-19 June.

Erik Oostwegel, CEO Royal HaskoningDHV: "Organisations in the public and private sector need to be able to adapt to meet the changing needs of the world in which they operate. Their built environment needs to be resilient from an economic, societal and environmental perspective. Our ambition is to help them navigate towards a sustainable future."

"Together with our clients and partners we create innovations and digital services that combine our human intelligence with data and digital technologies. More and more we connect the digital with the physical world. The partnership with Autodesk strengthens our capability and capacity to deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients using the latest technologies and insights from structured data, IoT, machine learning and more."

"Autodesk is pleased to expand its partnership with Royal HaskoningDHV,” said Steve Blum, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations at Autodesk. “We look forward to helping them help their clients leverage disruptive technologies - such as generative design, augmented reality, and digital twins - to improve the built environment and create a more sustainable future."

The partnership will focus on:

  • Generative design: Using software, computer power and smart algorithms to create design options based on parameters like strength, height, capacity and materials. By combining human intelligence with technology, solutions are generated that better meet the needs of the end-user, are faster and more sustainable.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: To improve client engagement and stakeholder management, Royal HaskoningDHV is accelerating the application of augmented reality to visualise design solutions. This includes a further increase of data driven 3D design and collaboration with our stakeholders in our online 3D BIM platform.
  • Digital Twins: A digital twin is a virtual real-time replica of a physical asset that continuously learns from itself using sensor data, from other relevant exterior data and historical data. As such, digital twins are used to optimise operation and maintenance and mitigate or even prevent problems, from wastewater treatment systems to airport terminals.

Hospital Twin at Autodesk University London

Royal HaskoningDHV will be present at this year’s Autodesk University London conference on 18-19 June: Sven Lanens, Healthcare Consultant & Developer Digital Twin at Royal HaskoningDHV, will be delivering a talk at the conference on 'Hospital Twin'.

Talking about his presentation Sven said: "I’ll be providing details about developing a digital twin for the healthcare sector, specifically operating theatres. The goal is to combine the medical and technical world to improve patient safety and reduce surgical site infection which leads to mortality."

Over 30 Royal HaskoningDHV team members from across the globe will also be in attendance to share knowledge and expertise. This is as well as exploring cross-industry opportunities with peers and experts from the Autodesk team, as Royal HaskoningDHV continues its digital progress and upskill employees.

Royal HaskoningDHV’s digital progress

Since launching its new strategy in 2017 with a clear focus on data and digital, Royal HaskoningDHV is introducing new digital ways of working, new digital services (e.g. BlueLabel) and is co-creating with clients, start-ups, and strategic partners for solutions with real impact. Recent strategic partners include data intelligence lab HAL24K, data science company Ynformed, hybrid software & consultancy firm Lanner, Hydroinformatics Institute H2i, and flood resilience digital solutions provider Ambiental.

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