In 2020, the port sector faced its biggest challenge in recent history. In the face of a global pandemic and varying states of lockdown throughout the year, port operators and their stakeholders were forced to adapt in several ways – from social distancing, to meeting uncommon patterns of demand.

After grim early projections from the International Monetary Fund, the sector has in fact shown strength in weathering the storm – and a shift from offline to online retail has created more space for optimism.

In our latest business briefing, we take a look at the data and provide a comprehensive review of the trends and insights from 2020, as ports look ahead to 2021 and beyond.

Our briefing features data, analytics and insights on:

  • What macroeconomic indicators tell us about trade growth
  • Container volume growth 
  • Investment in the port sector
  • Vertical integration and horizontal consolidation
  • Key sector acquisitions and their impacts

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