Sustainability in the supply chain

Environmental, social and ethical performance is an essential factor for responsible business today. To improve the sustainability of their supply chain and to comply with external guidelines and legislation, our clients are making CSR an integrated part of the procurement procedures. This Gold label continues to help them assess us. In turn, it helps us too to select our suppliers with a view to making the value chain more sustainable. 

Part of our team responsible for obtaining the Gold recognition for our CSR practices.


Integrated in business process

The Gold label covers international standards on Sustainable Development like ISO 26000, UN Global Compact and Global Reporting Standards (GRI Table). The assessment includes environment, labour and human rights and sustainable procurement. We are proud of our high scores, overall and on these important topics. Aligned with our purpose Enhancing Society Together, we value each of these themes highly and we have integrated them in our business processes. In our processes, we are guided by several principles and standards.

About EcoVadis

EcoVadis verifies CSR information of more than 40,000 companies and institutions in 160 countries, representing 200 industries, enabling the dialogue on social responsibility practices based on reliable and valued information.