Maritime specialists will present the company’s insights into smart port development, with the aim of informing the government’s comprehensive port-led economic development strategy.

Royal HaskoningDHV has over 60 years of experience in India with offices in Noida (NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore and Bhopal.

A smarter future fot India's ports 

Johan van Voorthuizen, Maritime & Aviation’s Business Unit Director, will highlight the opportunities to address the multitude of challenges facing the ports of tomorrow, during his presentation at a forum on Smart and Sustainable Port-led Development in Mumbai. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Johan said: “Today’s ports must manage numerous challenges: ongoing pressure to reduce running costs, the need to improve security, the urgency to ‘go green’ and mitigate against climate change, and to better utilize the extensive amounts of data generated. 

The term Smart Ports is increasingly cited as a solution to these challenges. Through a process of ongoing modernization, Smart Ports combine digital innovation and tools with operator intelligence; enabling ports to work more efficiently and streamline costs. 

Whether it’s the use of sensors to forecast maintenance requirements or finding new ways to optimize land use, there are many ways in which new technologies can help ports to become smarter.

Johan van Voorthuizen

Business Unit Director Maritime and Aviation Royal HaskoningDHV

For some port authorities, operators and countries, it is not always clear what is meant by the term Smart Ports; what makes some ports ‘smart’; and which ports can be considered smart. Johan added: “Many countries around the world, including India, will be affected by and/or need to deal with Smart Ports in some way. In my presentation, I will be focusing on tackling these questions with concrete of examples of how to deal with ‘smart’ developments.” 

With experience gained from over 150 port projects and extensive maritime work in India – including involvement with the state-of-the-art dry dock project recently completed in Mumbai – Royal Haskoning DHV’s maritime experts are well placed to advise on and implement the incremental changes needed to develop smart ports. 

The trade mission runs from 14-18 October. Johan presented at the 3rd Indo-Dutch Forum on Smart and Sustainable Port-led Development on 16 October.