The topic of this committee (NEN TGB Basiseisen & Belastingen) is providing the basis for reliable and economical structures. The committee is responsible for the two main structural Eurocodes: EC0 - 'Basis of Design' which establishes the principles and requirements for the safety, serviceability and durability of structures, and EC1 - 'Actions on Structures' which provides comprehensive information on all actions that should be considered in the design of load-bearing structures.

There are a lot of relevant actual developments within the scope of the committee. The main one is the development of a completely new generation of the Eurocodes in Europe, which will be published during the next few years. But next to that amongst other topics, the committee is also updating the EC 0 and EC 1 equivalents for the assessment and retrofit of existing structures (NEN8700 and NEN8701). Moreover the committee works on the refinement and improvement the guidelines for the seismic assessment of buildings in the Groningen area (NPR9998).