Covid-19 presented us with continuing challenges in 2021, but I am proud of how we have remained strong together and realised smart and future-proof solutions with our clients and partners for a better living environment.

Erik Oostwegel


Erik Oostwegel - CEO | Royal HaskoningDHV

CFO Jasper de Wit: “We can look back on a good year. Our engineering-design-consultancy business shows a revenue growth of 6%. Substantial investments in our Digital business line contributed to a 59% revenue growth in our software business. 

“Almost all business lines contributed to the revenue growth. Our operating result (EBITA recurring) increased, mainly driven by Industry & Buildings and Mobility & Infrastructure business lines and the overall performance in the Netherlands,” said De Wit.

The Digital business line, launched in 2020, made good progress in 2021 across consultancy services and software. The companies ITP (sustainable mobility consultants in the United Kingdom) and Novius (business transformation consultants in the Netherlands), which became part of Royal HaskoningDHV towards the end of 2020, also lived up to expectations.

In 2021, Royal HaskoningDHV followed its strategic investment agenda by increasing its share in Singapore Hydroinformatics Institute H2i to strengthen its position in the field of data-driven water management and climate resilience in Asia.


€ million (unless stated otherwise)


Operating income
619 591
Added value 501 478
Operating result (EBITA recurring*) 30.9 28.3
Operating margin (EBITA recurring/Operating income x 100%) 5.0% 4.8%
Net result 15.2 13.0
Free cash flow 9.8 38.3
Total workforce (year-end headcount) 5,887 5,712
 CO2 -footprint per employee (in tonnes CO2-equivalent) 1.03  1.11

* EBITA excluding non-operational items (restructuring costs and other one-off items).

The above operating result is after profit sharing of 11.4 million euro with employees (2020: 9.3 million euro).

Strategy: growth and measurable impact

In 2021, the company developed a new strategy for the next four years – Stronger25. It aims for international growth in nine market segments and market leadership in the Netherlands. 

Stronger25 builds on the previous strategy and places the mission Enhancing Society Together at its centre. Five themes have been determined where the company can have a positive impact on society, both in projects and in its own operations: climate change, biodiversity & natural systems, resources & circularity, social value, and safety & well-being. 

Enhancing Society Together with these themes is our compass and helps us to measurably contribute to selected UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Jasper de Wit


Jasper de Wit - CFO | Royal HaskoningDHV
To better help clients with their complex challenges, Royal HaskoningDHV focuses on smart combinations of the service mix, such as digital consultancy with design and engineering services. Also, building on the previous strategy, the company is focusing even more on software and technology in the water market, linked to its knowledge of that market. 

Net Zero

Last year, Royal HaskoningDHV committed to Net Zero, becoming a CO2-neutral business by 2030 where emissions that cannot be prevented will be compensated. In concrete terms, the following objectives have been set compared to 2019:

  • 50% less air travel related CO2 emissions by always considering a more sustainable alternative;
  • 80% less CO2 emissions from business travel (excluding air travel) by making the lease fleet fully sustainable, hybrid working and encouraging employees to drive climate-neutral; 
  • 80% less office-related CO2 emissions by further phasing out fossil energy and switching to green energy. 


Oostwegel: “We ended 2021 with a substantially increased order book. In addition, prospects are good due to the demand for sustainable, flexible and efficient solutions, from the prevention of CO2 emissions to climate adaptation. It is precisely the combination of consultancy and engineering services with software and technology that enables us to count on growth in all our markets.

“To achieve that growth, we continue to make strategic investments, and our engineers, consultants, designers, digital experts and employees in support functions play a vital role. Talent development and recruitment are essential here, and our work on complex projects combined with our mission certainly helps. In addition, we continue to keep an eye on the well-being of colleagues and a healthy work-life balance," emphasised Oostwegel.

“We are closely following the shocking Russian invasion of Ukraine and are supporting various aid campaigns from our BrITE Foundation and employees. We have some projects in Russia that we have suspended (no material impact) and we will follow all sanctions from the UN, EU and countries within which we work," said De Wit.

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