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Episode 5: Good Vibrations - Enabling high quality eye surgery on top of a parking garage

Is it possible to perform eye surgery on top of a parking garage? This was the question that the Reinier de Graaf Hospital faced when they looked to expand their facilities above their parking garage. The collaboration forged to make it happen brought together surgeons, engineers, and scientists – in a journey to realise a healthcare vision for the Delft region. Listen to a story of vibrations, ingenuity and innovation… 

Episode 4: You can't stop nature in its tracks - climate resilience in Japan

When the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years struck Kansai International Airport, it became the catalyst for a collaboration that crossed borders; and showcased the need for diverse and integrated approaches to climate mitigation and resilience. 

Episode 3: How 'Harold' woke up the kingdom of Tonga

On the morning of April 9th 2019, Tonga changed forever. Cyclone Harold with its 270kmh winds, devastated the Kingdom and brought lasting damage to the islands on which 100,000 people live and depend. The event was the catalyst for protecting the present and future prosperity of Tongans – once and for all.  

Episode 2: Disrupting the system

In a world of next-day deliveries and increasing competition, a new generation of consumers is driving global food manufacturers to innovate. Listen to the story of how we shifted perspectives to shake up a decades-long, one-size-fits-all approach to forge a disruptive future for production plant design.

Episode 1: Holding back the tide

A crucial national gas terminal, a small coastal community, and the rising tides that threatened to swallow them both. Today, we’re telling the story of how one coastal community in the UK came together to confront a coastal erosion crisis. Listen now to learn how we shifted perspectives to collaborate across public-private divides – and save a community through innovation.

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