Our client took over the brewery shortly after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the project included rebuilding and upgrading damaged buildings as well as building new facilities for increasing the capacity. The key challenge for Royal HaskoningDHV was how to enable such a large increase in production on what was a small, complex site. Only a few detailed plans from the original works for the 35-year old operations were available.

3D scan provides information required for 3D model 

A 3D scan and topographic survey of key areas of the brewery and pipework were undertaken to provide our experts in the Netherlands with the detailed information they needed. It was one of the first times 3D scans had been applied on such a large scale.

“The 3D scan was invaluable in overcoming the lack of existing drawings so we could make plans for such a complex site.” explains André Hulscher, Project Manager. “It provided the basis for our 3D model and, with the work complete, our client now has a detailed ‘as-built’ model for future work. It has already been used to design a new wastewater treatment plant and all pipework connected.”

3D modelling ensures smooth execution of design

The accuracy of 3D models means issues can be addressed before execution, saving cost and time. This was particularly useful in this case where the site is very compact and pipe systems very complex.

To ensure continuation of production during the construction work and a safe working environment, close coordination with all parties proved to be key.


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