A multinational focused on healthcare technology, Philips manages a sizable corporate real estate portfolio worldwide. During a partnership of more than 60 years, it has relied on us to bring programmes and plans of every size into operation, including complex hybrid office and R&D facilities as well as workspaces customised for specific business groups. We are also involved in its programme for future-focused, flexible offices which is currently being implemented worldwide.

The length of the relationship means we have a deep understanding of Philips’ business, culture and existing portfolio. Just as important in our ability to add value is our experience working for many multinationals who face similar challenges and adopt similar ways of working.

“It is by knowing how to implement the corporate standards and the philosophy behind them – not just within Philip’s environment but more broadly – that we create the added value that makes ‘magic’ happen. We understand the priorities and where there is space to innovate around corporate standards, while remaining within the budget,” Teddy Bogdanovski, Corporate Account Manager at Royal HaskoningDHV, explained.

High-value hybrid campus opened in Shanghai

This knowledge and approach has enabled us to quickly and effectively respond to even the most complex projects. For example, Philips appointed us to fit out a new hybrid complex in China housing offices and R&D facilities. Our responsibilities ranged from reviewing the design and scoping the programme of requirements to managing the project and project finance, engaging with stakeholders, and monitoring construction and quality.

“It was the biggest project Philips’ real estate team had delivered worldwide at the time. The context and stakeholder environment were complicated and the timeline very tight.” said Teddy. “Users were not only changing buildings but their entire way of working. The result was a real success story, delivered on time and without production delays. This project was followed up with another high-value hybrid office and R&D campus master plan, this time in India.”

Bringing workplace innovation to life in country head offices

Philips’ workplace innovation concept has been introduced in new head office buildings for the United Kingdom and South Africa. The ambition is to increase employee engagement, improve brand awareness for visitors and showcase Philips’ brands and products. The workplaces themselves are designed to encourage greater employee collaboration, knowledge sharing and communication to promote innovation, support a switch to flexible working practices and reduce energy consumption.

The success of the implementation rests partly with our deep understanding of Philips’ business culture, combined with our broader experience with other multinationals. By applying this within our solution and by bringing together stakeholders to generate traction and collaboration - essential elements in achieving the desired impact - we are able to be a proactive partner, adding value to the solutions we provide.
Our way of working has proved so successful that Philips has overturned its preference to choose partners who have a local presence for particular projects. The added value we provide in disseminating our client knowledge to teams wherever they are working in the world led us to be appointed for retrofit concept of Phillips’ headquarters in Japan.

Customised office for new business group in the Netherlands

We also implemented a customised workplace for a new business group at Philips’ international headquarters in the Netherlands. It required a design framework which facilitated agile working while meeting the unique operational needs. We knew the building from previous projects and were able to refer to original drawings. Working with the architect, we combined our expertise to creatively address the challenges of the existing building, such as its low basement ceilings. The result was an inspiring workspace, tailored to the needs of the business.

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