Experience and insight enable work on site to resume quickly

Our client wanted a swift answer to minimise disruption. With our considerable experience in seismic impact and safety calculations from Groningen earthquakes in the Netherlands, we were able to provide initial conclusions promptly, based on our engineering judgement. 

It was clear that some structures required strengthening measures and one was assessed to be in danger of collapse. We advised the team how they could continue with their work in a safe way, recommending that particular areas of buildings should not be used and some activities moved outside. 

With the immediate priority addressed, our investigations then turned to potential risk should a second earthquake strike, as well as identifying possible measures that would keep the buildings safe.

Project Facts

  • Client
    Multinational maritime company
  • Challenge
    Investigation whether it was safe for client’s staff to continue working at a naval base.
  • Solution
    Provide initial conclusions, based on our engineering judgement. advised the team how they could continue with their work in a safe way.

Finding answers with Forensic Engineering

Explore the history behind Forensic Engineering and look at recent innovations such as the Delft method.
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