Our client is a global manufacturing company that operates a campus with close to a thousand employees. Due to the rapid growth of the facility the existing restaurant no longer meets the needs of the workers. The current building is too small, and people are queuing outside due to the outdated lay-out. A programme of requirements specified the new restaurant should provide capacity to produce 650 fresh meals per day, served in 2.5 shifts with seating for 260 people.

Parametric approach delivers smaller building at lower cost

Using a parametric way of working, we conceptualised the design across three zones – kitchen and support functions, serving area and seating area. Each zone is driven by different functional and operational parameters, ranging from the frequency of deliveries, the serving concept of the operator and the seat turnover. From this, we developed a flexible model ranging in size from 1000-2,000m2 with capacity to accommodate between 150 and 300 people in a single sitting.

With this model, our client could optimise the building to find the best balance between their operational requirements and the available budget. The model provides early insight into all components and construction cost. The end result delivered a more efficient building within time and budget that would not have been achieved through traditional design methods.

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