Jotun's new regional headquarters and R&D labs in the Middle East

Royal HaskoningDHV who could provide the required capabilities for designing the office and R&D environment to high European standards while adhering to the local codes and regulations of Dubai, developed the client brief. This was a complex process spread over 12 workshops to coordinate with the end-users, which consisted of 4 individual paint departments, each with their own requirements, lab equipment and performance specifications.

Some project particulars:
  • Plot size 12,000 m2 (approximately 2 football pitches)
  • Built up area 31,000 m2
  • Building height: 21 meters. Ground floor + 3 floors
  • Basement: -10 meter under the entire plot consisting of 2 levels and includes 300 parking spots, R&D labs and furnaces. We will need around 10,000 truckloads for the total excavation

Scandinavian simplicity with sustainable and innovative design

The buildings are designed in line with Jotun’s guidelines and brand expression, which embodies Scandinavian simplicity and modernity coupled with a sustainable and innovative design. The outer look and feel of the building is intended to give the structural frame a superlight and floating expression of transparency and connection with the outside at ground level.

Energy efficiency with concrete core conditioning

With the client requirements incorporated in the basic design, Royal HaskoningDHV with their extensive expertise on designing the “perfect lab”, went to work and ensured that maximum added value was created for Jotun by incorporating the following design elements:

  • The region’s first, large scale incorporation of Concrete Core Conditioning where the building is cooled down during the night, where it is most cost and energy efficient to do so. The cooling is achieved through flexible pipes that are embedded in the concrete floors through which cold water is circulated. During the day the cool concrete will gradually release the accumulated energy and ensure a comfortable and cool indoor environment for the occupants. This technology saves Jotun, to a large extent, from utilizing noisy, energy consuming and maintenance intensive fan coil units for the circulation of cool air.
  • Labs to suit the end-user workflows through equipment and ATEX zoning layouts for the provision of power, extracts, compressed air, specialized waste and fluid disposal systems. Each floor reflecting the unique performance requirements from each of the 4 departments.
  • Smart incorporation of invisible cooling and ventilation plant on internal “hidden” mezzanines. For Jotun this means unseemly equipment and plant on the roof is a thing of the past, while the building’s maintenance regime is optimized.
  • Daylight harvesting systems to maintain excellent view lines over Dubai’s many landmarks, all while ensuring protection of the end-users from the harsh desert sun.
  • Using the desert sun to Jotun’s advantage for production of electricity and hot water through use of solar Panels at roof level.

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