The 600m2 office in Finland extends over a single floor of an existing building. It accommodates 30 people in a flexible working arrangement which includes dedicated areas for meetings, focus groups, individual work, amenities - and a sauna. Our client asked Royal HaskoningDHV to relax corporate design guidelines and introduce elements which would give the office a distinctive local feel. 

Design for office

Weekly progress updates and lots of choice

“To do this, we ensured we took our client on the journey with us,” Fieke Tissink, architect at Royal HaskoningDHV, explained. “Interior design is very subjective. We closely aligned our solution with our client’s expectations through weekly progress updates and by providing selected options for every element of the interior.” 

The design was created in 3D so our client could clearly appreciate how the spatial arrangement would work and what the various elements would look like. Light was an important consideration, due to the extremes in daylight hours between winter and summer. The entire space was opened up to maximise natural light. An outdoor terrace can be enclosed for year-round use. 

The building’s position on the edge of a forest is reflected in the use of wood and natural hues throughout the office. We introduced furniture styles from classic and up-and-coming Finnish designers, as well as from design companies working in our shared office space in Amsterdam. Natural patterns adorn the walls alongside stunning local textiles. While conforming to our client’s space programme, we identified where we could combine functions within an area to maximise inclusivity. For example, we combined the mother’s room with a space for prayer and meditation.

“The end result is sympathetic both to local preferences and corporate style, helping to generate a sense of ownership and pride among users,” Fieke adds.

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