Eneco is a utility company with a turnover of 4 billion € with a diverse asset base focusing on sustainable energy for the industry and the built environment.


Royal HaskoningDHV has bundled inhouse experience and knowledge from several international offices covering all relevant disciplines. We have assessed both existing assets and assets in the development pipeline.

Our assessments were based on extensive document reviews, site visits, management and expert team meetings.

Asset portfolio

We have assessed all of Eneco’s assets including:
  • Offshore wind parks totalling 200 MWe;
  • Onshore wind parks totalling almost 900 MWe;
  • Enecogen gas fired power plant CCGT 800 MWe;
  • Golden Raand biomass fired CHP plant in Delfzijl;
  • Two gas fired CHP plants totalling 474MWe in Utrecht;
  • Two bio-heat plants totalling 60MWth in Utrecht;
  • Auxiliary heat plants gas fired totalling 400MWth in Utrecht;
  • Large city heat networks in Rotterdam and Utrecht;
  • Large number of CHP based for small & midscale city heat grids;
  • Large number of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storages for small scale city heat grids;
  • Large scale battery based electrical storage plant in Germany;
  • Gas storage in two depleted salt caverns in Germany;
  • Renewable asset pipeline under development of 2 GWe capacity including solar parks, on and offshore wind parks and Aquifer Thermal Energy Storages.

Main services

Environmental assessments:
  • Environmental assessment
  • Health and Safety assessment
Technical assessments:
  • Asset performance evaluation
  • Asset reliability evaluation
  • Life time assessment and extension opportunity evaluation
  • Operational and maintenance evaluation
  • Energy efficiency assessments and improvements opportunities
Economic assessments:
  • Subsidy evaluation
  • CAPEX prognosis based on asset status
  • OPEX assessment and improvement opportunities
  • Mothballing and decommissioning cost assessment
  • DEVEX assessment
  • Financial modelling support
Strategic assessments:
  • Contractual assessments
  • Risk assessment and potential mitigations
  • Impact assessment Dutch Energy Agreement
  • Future heat market development support
  • Project development pipeline assessment
  • Impact assessment of case laws on the development pipeline