In two separate projects, our client who is part of a global pharmaceutical organisation needed to replace washing machines which had reached the end of their lifespan. It was a chance to carry out a floor-to-ceiling upgrade of the room and its technical installations. This would futureproof cleaning operations and ensure they met new regulatory requirements.

After incorporating user requirements into initial designs, our site-based team was involved at every stage from design and tender to negotiations with contractors, implementation, delivery and validation. They coordinated closely with our team on site who have been directly assisting our client’s operations for many years.

Futureproofing for reliability and regulatory changes

Production continued throughout the work and, in one of the projects, it was necessary to keep the original machine in operation during installation and validation of the new one. The upgrades to the laundry areas required close attention to the integrity of clean zones while upgrading HVAC systems and replacing wall tiles with panels.

Our deep knowledge of on-site processes and experience in similar projects enabled the work to be organised with minimal disruption and executed within stringent time schedules.

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