LNG is stored in steel vessels, designed to withstand the extreme low pressure and temperature of the liquid, which are encased within a secondary concrete protective container. The external tank incorporates a reinforced concrete base slab, a post-tensioned cylindrical wall and a reinforced concrete dome to provide secure protection in the event of vessel failure or external impact.

Tight time schedule and technical challenges require expertise and experience

Specialists at Royal HaskoningDHV provided consultancy services for design and the site supervision for the new storage tank. Key challenges included tight time schedules, hot, humid environmental conditions and the technical challenges presented by the temperature and pressure of the liquid.

The advanced software we have developed, based on our experience and refined over a number of years, enabled us to make an efficient design to meet the technical challenges and the restricted time schedule.

New centre of excellence for specialist knowledge

Royal HaskoningDHV is unique in having in-house experience and expertise in designing LNG storage tanks within our engineering consultancy. It enables us to act as an independent advisor on such projects.

This expertise is now concentrated within a global centre of excellence, our Advanced Technology and Research Centre. Here, expert teams are working on transformative practical solutions to complex structural challenges using scientific models and analysis together with advanced computational tools.

“The teams within the centre have skills that can be readily applied to optimising the design of the concrete tanks.” says Sander Meijers, Lead Engineer at the Advanced Technology and Research Centre. “While the shape of each tank is similar, the requirements are always different. Using our calculations and models, we can provide optimal designs which comply with the needs of clients and authorities in respect of the identified risks.”


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Project facts

  • Location
  • Wastewater
    A tight time schedule and technical challenges.
  • Project type
    Advanced software to meet the technical challenges and the restricted time schedule.