• Planned and developed bespoke facilities management portal in close partnership with ASML and the contractor.
  • Helped ASML clarify the original brief and defined the scope project
  • Worked with the contractor on feasible design, meeting client’s needs
  • Achieved reduction in energy consumption of > 25% and reduced water requirements

ASML designs and manufactures lithography machines that are an essential component in chip manufacturing. It has been on a long-term growth trajectory as global demand for semiconductors continues to rise. To support the company in this growth and optimise its manufacturing operations (24/7 production), ASML identified the need for a facilities management information portal in 2014. Units in the portal include utility monitoring, alarm monitoring, predictive maintenance, and regulatory monitoring. Among the ambitions for the system was the desire to identify where the company could reduce energy and water consumption. 

Insight into all operations

Royal HaskoningDHV planned and developed the facilities management portal in close partnership with ASML and the contractor. At the time, nothing similar existed on the market so a bespoke system was created by the team. We helped ASML clarify the original brief and defined the scope of the project. Then we worked with the contractor on the design, ensuring it met our client’s needs and was feasible.

The company has a large energy demand which has been growing year on year in line with increasing production. However, power and water supplies are finite, so to ensure business continuity and meet its sustainability ambitions, ASML is committed to significantly reduce power and water consumption. The information provided by the portal, including six-monthly sustainability reports, has helped make this possible. So far, the company has achieved a reduction in energy consumption of more than 25%. 

Smart scheduling reduces peak demand and need for extra cooling

One of the ways in which this has been achieved has been through smart scheduling and predictive maintenance. Every machine produced by ASML is tested before being shipped to the customer. The testing phase involves considerable power demand. By scheduling these tests, ASML has been able to smooth demand and reduce peaks. In addition, it has significantly cut the need for temporary cooling in hot summer months by taking weather forecasts into account. Year on year, the number of days that extra cooling is required has been reduced, with positive impact on water and energy consumption. 
The data and information provided by the facilities management portal provides insight and understanding into consumption patterns

Ad Schrijvers, Senior Project and Business Development Manager at Royal HaskoningDHV

“In addition to supporting its sustainability ambitions, the portal has helped ASML de-risk its portfolio. Business continuity has been secured throughout the company’s continuing rapid growth by reducing absolute energy and water requirements. It ensures demand can continue to be met by the available supply.” “Through regular monitoring, reporting and maintenance of the platform, we constantly optimise it to meet new targets and demands”.

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