• Client
    Leading nitrogen based fertilizer producer 
  • Location
  • Licensee
    August to November 21
  • Wastewater
    Selection and validation of warehouse racking and material handling solution.
  • Project type
    Multi-criteria analysis selection approach with a dynamic simulation to validate the design
Our client, a fertilizer producer and distributor in the United Kingdom, who is experiencing high transactional volume growth, required warehouse design and optimisation support for a Greenfields warehouse planned to be constructed in 2022.

We first concluded a review of all the potential warehouse solutions considering racking, material handling and automation equipment. We then via a multi-criteria analysis determined the preferred solution per storage material type. The chosen solution was then sized, costed and tested via a dynamic simulation.

Although a Greenfields project, our client was provided a visual confirmation that the designed solution would provide optimal performance / capacity across the end to end warehouse process.   The performance and capacity checks included vehicle wait and turnaround times, offloading times / utilization, temporary storage utilization, primary storage utilization and loading times / utilization.
We simply did not have this expertise in-house so needed to insource this knowledge and we got exactly what we asked for, professional and clear advice within the time-frame that was agreed.

Client Project Manager