Our client is an international energy and technology company focused on innovation across multiple markets. As well as creating a high-profile attraction to showcase its technology, our client recognised that Expo 2020 was an ideal location for its global logistics headquarters. Expo 2020 has a theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and, like past World Expo events, is set to inspire global innovation. The exhibition location will become Dubai’s fourth city in a landmark development with excellent transport links.

Workplace aligns with strategic objectives

The plan for the new headquarters has a high profile. The location needed to be highly visible and perform at Expo by attracting visitors, reinforcing brand values and demonstrating our client’s innovation and new concepts in action. It needed to incorporate the three themes of the ambition: Opportunity for individuals and communities to achieve needs and inspire them; Sustainability to preserve the environment for future generations; and Mobility facilitated through access to knowledge and markets. Our own company DNA makes us ideally placed to support such ambitions, identified through our commitment to Enhance Society Together.

The project was also important as it is where our client’s new agile workplace concept is being implemented for the first time. Aligned to its worldwide strategic objectives, our client wanted to realise an innovative environment which incorporated its own technology to showcase its achievements. The workplace needed to enable the collaboration that underpins further innovation and prove attractive to talented people from all over the world.

By working closely with our client at a strategic level, we ensured our solutions supported these ambitions. The solutions also needed to work for users and visitors, incorporating the principles and practices of smart and healthy workplaces and were informed by assessments of user journeys and ways of working.

Digital office twin aids current and future decisions

The agile working concept was supported with our development of a parametric office configurator which guided the feasibility study and design of the fit-out. It enabled our client to test a wide range of workplace strategy scenarios (such as zoning concepts and module definitions) and in respect to changing population scenarios. Furthermore, they could validate their capex investment enriched with technical and physical building constraints, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) installations and more. Besides informed decision making for now, the parametric configurator adds value in the longer term by providing a digital twin of the office. For example, it can be used to model and explore future uses for the Expo showroom and immediately assess impacts on people and investment.

Once implemented in Dubai, the workplace solution that we helped develop and implement will be rolled out internationally with small adaptations to meet local needs and circumstances.

Building fit-out enhances building's LEED gold status

The buildings chosen for the headquarters had attained LEED gold status. In developing a design formula, we aimed not only to retain this important sustainability certificate for the core & shell part of the estate but to strengthen it by gaining additional points for the rating with the fit-out additions.

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