• Algorithms from this process helped the client plan stocks and production and to make right decisions for expansion or introduction new products

  • This project shows how Industry 4.0 optimisation in the factory can be used for strategic future planning of investments

Matching raw material to end product

The algorithms that emerged from this process not only help the company plan their stocks and production, but enable them to make the right decisions when looking to expand or introduce new products. For example:

  • We identified which particular variety of raw material is best suited to which end product so our client can plan input stocks more effectively and improve efficiency.
  • We matched characteristics of particular production lines with output volumes for particular product groups.
This project shows Industry 4.0 optimisation in the production line being extended back into supplies.

Patrick Ramakers

Business Development and Associate Director, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Projects

Patrick continues: "With a thorough understanding of the production line behaviour and supply chain, companies are much better placed to assess the impact of new products on the line and which lines are best suited for expansion projects. The result is improved operational efficiency and better decisions."

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Project facts

  • Client
    Manufacturer of potato products
  • Wastewater
    Increase significantly efficiency  of operations.
  • Project type
    In-depth analysis of food manufacturing process using Industry 4.0 principles.