Royal HaskoningDHV was contracted to undertake both a feasibility study and financial analysis. It drew on our expertise across factory operations, design and engineering. An entire new concept was designed in order to assess the capital expenditure required and the opex gains from merging factories into one. We explored higher-level automation, yield improvements, streamlined logistics and more. We investigated benefits from more efficient energy systems, higher production speeds, shared raw material intake, reduced personnel and an improved flow line.

Scope requires inside-out thinking, from process to building design

The study touched on every aspect of factory design and operations. To construct a better factory, it is important to think inside out, starting with the process, moving on to utilities and finally the building. Typically, a smaller building results from this process which will reduce costs and increase efficiency.
What was special about this project was the scope required to explore the business case. Royal HaskoningDHV was ideally placed to conduct the study because it has all the relevant expertise in house - from logistics to process optimisation - and uses an integrated multi-disciplinary approach in projects.