• New cool storage facility

  • Flexible expansion capacity

Challenges included limited time, space and budget

Installation and commissioning of the replacement system had to be executed in a limited time frame. The cooling facility and related building were designed and installed in two phases due to budget restrictions. Furthermore, the boundaries of the site were constrained by existing tanks, pipe racks and pollution in the ground.

What was special about our solution was that we overcame these challenges to deliver a building and tank storage area which not only met the current demands of the client but that has an extendable structure for future expansion, exceeding our client’s expectations. Elements in the success included intensive collaboration between client engineers, suppliers and contractor starting at an early stage in the design and collaboration with VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) including the use of digital modelling tools such as 3D BIM.

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Project facts

  • Client
    Global dairy foods producer
  • Wastewater
    Replacing and extending the flash-cooler system of a European dairy plant to meet future production plans.
  • Project type
    With virtual design and 3D BIM, a cooling facility, building and tank storage area were designed and installed.