The new office, Contact Amsterdam, is a former warehouse and garage which has been converted into a flexible workspace. The original building structure and other features remain intact. With facilities for exercise, relaxation and work, it is home to Royal HaskoningDHV’s engineering consultancy team in Amsterdam as well as a mix of individuals and ambitious start-ups. It is inspiring and sustainable, while enriching productivity, comfort and wellbeing for users. 

Sustainability integral to first-class building

We incorporated our own sustainability visions in the design to create a building that connects with social and urban necessities such as sustainability, circularity and health.  A five-year operational budget was established at the start of the project and included rent and facility costs. This approach made some measures financially feasible through an early return on investment and enabled us to realise the following ambitions:

  • Circular use of products;
  • An energy-neutral set-up;
  • Flexible use of space;
  • Health and well-being of employees.

Our design team, in collaboration with the developer and contractor, ensured the ambitions were incorporated in the design of the new office. For the circular use of materials, an assessment framework was applied in the design of the building facade, building installations, and spatial layout.

Significant positive impact across multiple measures

The positive impact of the building on the way we do business, on our employees and on the environment is significant and return on investment measurable. The building material circularity is above 60% and our office is 100% energy neutral. Employee engagement increased by 23%, rising to nearly 70% on the Leesman Index, which is the global standard for measuring employee experience and engagement.

Project facts

  • Client
    Royal HaskoningDHV
  • Location
  • Licensee
    Create a perfect work environment with low environmental impact as circular as possible and energy neutral
  • Wastewater
    Five-year operational budget at start of the project made measures financially feasible and enabled realization of the sustainability and circularity ambitions