Multi-year master plan underpins growth scenario

The existing installation had two main distributors and a third smaller one which needed to be converted in phases to a total solution of 2,000kW of IT power for the data centre to achieve maximum utilisation. Royal HaskoningDHV’s Data Centre team was contracted to design the growth scenario, which was set out in a multi-year master plan. 

The first step involved building a new supply section consisting of a transformer, distributor, generator and UPS with a capacity of 2,500kVA. After installation and commissioning, this new section was used to relieve the existing installation and allow the first growth in the property. All items with a single power supply that could be switched off for a short time - such as the sprinkler system and general building installations - were transferred first. Over the following months, one side of all installations with a double power supply were gradually switched over to the new supply. New IT was also connected into this system.

Complex switching operation achieved without downtime

The real challenge related to IT equipment with a single power supply. To address this, a detailed conversion plan was drawn up which involved putting two transformers in parallel for a short time while existing generators were synchronised. The step-by-step plan and careful checking at each stage was crucial for success. It ensured risks were minimised and that any issues which arose could be resolved during the planning stage.

After several weeks of intensive preparation, the installation was successfully reconnected to the new distribution switchgear with no downtime. The telecom company is now fully prepared for the growth of the location.

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  • Client
    Large telecom provider
  • Location
  • Wastewater
    Change to new energy source without downtime
  • Project type
    Constructing a detailed conversion plan to switch over equipment with a single power supply