Next generation food testing lab

Our client is rolling out their next generation food testing lab concept and this was the first to be built outside the US. Bringing together considerable experience in labs for pharmaceutical and medical purposes as well as our local knowledge, we designed a highly sustainable and comfortable laboratory, which surpassed the quality required by our client’s own design standards, while reducing energy consumption and creating “maintenance free” zones.

What particularly stood out in our design was the lack of false ceilings; spaces where dust and bacteria can gather resulting in hygiene issues. Furthermore, the exposed concrete ceiling radiates cooling, that allows for a reduction in cooling via air conditioning inside the rooms – essential in a region where temperatures can reach 48°C or more during the day. The high ceilings also add to the wow factor for visitors!

Ceiling acts as radiant panel reducing the need for air conditioning

At night the concrete ceiling acts like a sponge absorbing efficiently generated cold, as external temperatures drop sharply. During the day, it works in the opposite direction releasing cooling energy into the lab. "This type of design is new to the region and something we have been pioneering for a long time.” explained Darryl Tjin Wong Joe, Technical Director Buildings and Industry Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. He added: “That’s the advantage of being a global company, where we can apply crossover knowledge from other countries and other industries."

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Project facts

  • Client
    Multinational confectionery client
  • Wastewater
    Design of next generation food testing lab
  • Project type
    Design of highly sustainable and comfortable lab, reducing energy consumption by absence of false ceiling