Analysis identifies behaviour under dynamic load of a jumping crowd

The existing Feyenoord stadium is well-known for the large vibrations which occur during matches and concerts. It was important to identify how to avoid this in the new design which is of a lightweight construction and therefore similarly susceptible to vibration disturbance.

Our Advanced Technology and Research Centre used simulations to identify the behaviour of the stadium under the dynamic loading of a jumping crowd. As a result of this analysis, the design has been strengthened locally and fluid-viscous dampers added to greatly reduce vibration and thus increase the comfort of the spectators.

Design modified on the basis of research to achieve optimal wind safety  

During the design phase we also carried out computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to determine the wind climate around the stadium with respect to comfort and danger. This allowed the design to be modified to achieve optimal wind safety and avoid costly retrofitting after completion. At the end of the design phase the CFD research was validated using a wind tunnel study to ensure that the design choices were appropriate.

External safety was another important issue as the new Feyenoord stadium is close to a railway where toxic gases and liquids may be transported. With help of the CFD simulations, we investigated the conditions under which a possible toxic cloud resulting from an incident on the railway would spread in and around the stadium. This indicated whether additional design measures were needed.

The preliminary design met the technical requirements within budget, addressed the integrated design, adjacent surroundings and other interfaces, which resulted in the decision by Feyenoord City to proceed with the final design phase.

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project facts

  • Client
    Feyenoord Stadium Rotterdam
  • Location
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Wastewater
    Ensure comfort from vibration and wind for up to 63,000 spectators in new Feyenoord Football Stadium.
  • Project type
    Vibration analysis to identify the behaviour of the stadium under the dynamic loading of a jumping crowd.

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