Recover-E builds upon shared benefits and shared responsibilities among partners in the entire ICT value chain. This enables us to use ICT in an innovative way and to create more economic, social and ecological value at the same time.

In the linear economy, products typically end up at the rubbish dump or in an incinerator once they have outlived their usefulness.

In the circular system however, the focus is on ensuring the products and the raw materials they comprise of do not go to waste. This can be achieved by improving the ability to reuse and recycle products, whether through product design, production processes, business models or a combination of the three.

The Recover-E program enables all users of ICT equipment to make a contribution to this circular economy, by thinking and moving beyond the end-of-life-cycle limits of a product and towards more circular concepts right from the moment of equipment purchase.

Recover-E combines three innovative elements that fit a new economy:
  • Track & trace of all devices throughout the entire lifecycle;
  • New business model where refurbished ICT equipment is used by consumers with a return deposit instead of purchasing the equipment outright;
  • All assets are owned and managed by a dedicated foundation in a way that will ensure it will be handled transparently, in closed loops and that encourages innovative recycling.  

Visit the Recover-E® website and the Recover-E® webshop for more information on this circular economy program.