Expansion at the brownfield brewery was planned in phases, addressing each bottleneck in turn. The Bright Beer Tanks (BBTs) in the cellar had already been replaced and Royal HaskoningDHV was approached to assist with replacing the Fermentation Storage Tanks (FSTs) to ensure the process proceeded smoothly without impacting production or product quality.

Replacement vertical tanks require 80% less space

The existing cellar was a 5m-high cooled building. The switch to vertical FSTs required a new building and much less space. Six new vertical tanks providing the same volume as the horizontal tanks occupy just a fifth of the space.

While working on the preliminary design, we modelled phases of demolition and construction in 3D to ensure production could continue throughout the work. Measures were taken to minimise dust and noise nuisance while the cellar was demolished. In addition, a section of the building was kept intact and in use during the process. Once the new tanks will be in operation, the rest of the building will be demolished.

Ammonia cooling is replaced with glycol cooling plant

Following the success of the cellar project, our involvement expanded into a project to modernise the cooling plant, switching from ammonia to a non-hazardous glycol-based system.

“Our involvement in wider aspects of this brewery upgrading project demonstrates just how useful our expertise and knowledge is to our clients,” says Jaap Boon, project manager. “What’s special about our solutions is that we think ahead for our client, going beyond boundaries of specific disciplines.”
By taking a broad overview, we address potential issues before they arise and have the expertise on hand within our organisation to assist where it is needed.

Jaap Boon

Project Manager, Royal HaskoningDHV

Project facts

  • Location
  • Wastewater
    To install new vessels and rebuild the cellar while brewery operations can continue. 
  • Project type
    Expansion at the brownfield brewery was planned in phases, addressing each bottleneck in turn.